FYROM slams Samaras’s rejection letter to Gruevski

President Gjorge Ivanov of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on Friday criticized a recent letter by Antonis Samaras in which the Greek prime minister rejected a proposal by his counterpart in Skopje regarding the ongoing name negotiations between the two states.

“[Samaras’s] letter… confirmed that we have no one to talk to on the name dispute,” Ivanov said. “That should be expected from the man who two decades ago created the problem and who now wants to evade a solution to it,” he said.

In a letter to Nikola Gruevski on Thursday, Samaras turned down a proposal to set up two working groups led by the two premiers that would seek a settlement together with the UN’s special envoy, Matthew Nimetz.

Samaras said he saw no point in setting up yet another mechanism, arguing that reaching a settlement was rather a question of “political will.”