MPs voice concerns about plans to lift ban on home repossesions and auctions

Government and opposition MPs have reacted to suggestions that the coalition is considering lifting the restrictions on the repossession and auctioning of people’s main residence if they are not able to keep up mortgage repayments.

Repossessions have been suspended in Greece since 2008. It is thought that the sale of some 200,000 homes has been prevented so far.

However, Greece is under pressure from the troika to lift the measure, which is thought to be negatively affecting the property market.

Deputy Development Minister Thanasis Skordas suggested on Thursday that there could be a partial lifting on the ban from next year based on criteria that include the size of the mortgage and the homeowner’s family and financial situation.

New Democracy MP Sofia Voultepsi said there was no way she would discuss the auctioning of reposed homes. PASOK deputy Paris Koukoulopous said Parliament would never accept such a measure.

Opposition parties also raised concerns about the possibility of such a measure being introduced.