Evaluation proposed before next round of civil service transfers

Interior Minister Yiannis Michelakis called on Thursday for an evaluation of central and local government needs before Greece proceeds with further transfers of civil servants.

The government is rushing to place 12,500 public sector workers in a mobility scheme by the end of September to keep to a time line it has agreed with the troika. Another 12,500 will have to be moved from their positions by the end of the year.

To help it reach its first target, the government shut down the municipal police and moved school guards, giving it close to 7,000 workers. However, Michelakis suggested that the New Democracy-PASOK administration should be more cautious with the second group of candidates.

“Through a process of evaluation, we can see how many employees are needed for certain services,” he told Skai TV, adding that the government would have to ensure that some municipalities are given special treatment. “An island municipality does not have the same needs and problems faced by other municipalities,” he said.

The head of the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece (KEDKE), Costas Askounis, backed the idea of evaluation but said mayors would be appealing to the Council of State over the first round of transfers, which they consider unconstitutional.