Pieria nightclub closed for 48 hours over financial offenses

Greece’s Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) has ordered a nightclub in Pieria, northern Greece, where popular Greek singer Antonis Remos was set to perform, to remain closed for 48 hours after an inspection late Friday revealed a series of offenses.

In a message posted on his Twitter account Saturday, the singer reacted to the news saying, “Once again I need to prove I am not an elephant.”

“For how much longer shall we be accountable for other people’s sins?” he said in another tweet. Meanwhile, a statement by the Finance Ministry said that nearly half of the businesses inspected from July 25 to August 5 were found to have committed tax code violations.

Earlier this month, two Halkidiki nightclub employees were arrested and a police precinct chief suspended after the establishment where they worked, where another famous pop singer, Panos Kiamos, was performing, ignored a SDOE order to remain temporarily closed due to tax violations.