Police denies conditions for migrants at Amygdaleza center were unacceptable

The Greek police has denied that conditions for detained migrants at the Amygdaleza holding center in northern Athens were unsuitable after a riot broke out on Saturday and 10 immigrants escaped from the facility.

“We take all the necessary measures so holding conditions are respectable and that there is no chance of escape,” police spokesman Christos Parthenis told Mega TV.

He denied claims that the center was overcrowded, saying that 1,600 migrants are being held there whereas the capacity is for 2,000.

SYRIZA asked for an investigation into the conditions at the center and into whether migrants were beaten when police units entered the facility to quell the riot, which broke out after electricity to the camp had been cut off for several days.

The head of the policemen’s union, Christos Fotopoulos, appeared to question the conditions at the center. He said conditions were unacceptable for the guards.

“They have us guarding human souls in conditions that are worse than for those who we are guarding,” he told ANT-1 TV. “The conditions for us are inhuman.”

Police said that the 10 migrants being sought are eight Pakistanis and two Afghans. Fourteen immigrants were recaptured outside the holding center, while 41 people were arrested in connection with the riot.