DIMAR wants extension of moratorium on home auctions

A moratorium on the auctioning of main residences should be extended into 2015, Democratic Left (DIMAR) said Monday a few days after the government suggested it was mulling to resume sales.

“The country is caught up in a state of prolonged recession and austerity that has shrunk – and in some cases completely eliminated – families’ incomes,” said Fotis Kouvelis of DIMAR, a former member of Greece’s governing coalition, on Monday.

“In light of these circumstances, it is unacceptable to threaten people’s basic right to have a home,” the socialist leader said.

On Friday, Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras said that the government was examining ending a moratorium on the auctioning of repossessed homes despite strong objections from deputies and consumer groups.

Stournaras said that the final decision would be taken by the Development Ministry.

Auctions of main residences have been suspended in Greece since 2009. It is thought that the sale of some 200,000 homes has been prevented so far.

The country is under pressure from the troika to lift the measure, which is thought to be negatively affecting the property market and is due to expire at the end of the year.