Weapon from Chios speedboat was fired at butcher shop on Crete

Ballistic tests have revealed that one of the weapons found in a speedboat that was allegedly transporting Turkish terrorists from Greece to Turkey had been fired in Crete, police said on Tuesday.

The gun was apparently used by an unknown assailant when shots were fired at a butcher’s shop in the Vamvakopoulos area of Crete, near Hania.

Two Greek and two Turkish men have been charged with multiple terrorism-related offenses after being arrested on the speedboat near Chios last month.

The suspects were arrested while transporting anti-tank weapons, handguns, hand grenades and explosive devices.

Turkish authorities identified one of the suspects as Hasan Biber, who is wanted there for attacks claimed by the outlawed leftist Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP-C).