Uncertainty over increase in hospital visit charge

Patients might not have to pay a 25-euro fee each time they visit a public hospital as of January 1 next year, Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Tuesday, adding that he would ask the troika to set the measure aside if the hospitals remain within their budgets this year.

“When the troika visits, we choose what issues we want to negotiate, which measure could prove effective and which not,” he told ANT1 TV. “If we meet our targets, this measure will not be implemented. If we fail to met our targets, we will have to adopt it.”

Currently, visitors to public hospitals and health centers pay a fee of 5 euros, or a so-called “ticket,” to be treated, but this could rise.

Also from January 1, patients are due to pay 1 euro for each prescription they are issued by national healthcare provider EOPYY.