Police probe death of man who fell from trolley bus

Traffic police in Peristeri, western Athens, were Thursday investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of an 19-year-old man who suffered fatal injuries on Tuesday night after jumping from a trolley bus when he was caught traveling without a ticket.

A local prosecutor initially detained the driver of the trolley bus and the inspector who had asked the 19-year-old for his ticket to question but they were released without charge on Wednesday due to a lack of solid evidence.

The incident occurred late on Tuesday night on the Number 12 trolley bus, which was heading from central Athens to the western suburb of Peristeri. According to witnesses, the 19-year-old argued and fought with the ticket inspector when he was discovered to be traveling without a ticket.

Some claim the man opened the middle doors of the trolley bus while it was in motion and jumped out while others allege he was pushed.