Eight arrests at ancient site of Delphi as Golden Dawn gatecrashes full moon opening

Police arrested eight people at the archaeological site of Delphi on Wednesday night in what appears to have been an attempt by Golden Dawn to hold an event at the monument.

Police were called after a group of 16 people entered the site, which was open at night so tourists and locals could enjoy the full moon, after complaints from other visitors.

Speaking to Skai radio on Thursday morning, Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said that he had been informed that those arrested were probably Golden Dawn members who were trying to hold a ceremony at the site.

The far right party has a history of worshipping the ancient gods but has tried over the last few years to play this down, while cultivating a closer relationship with the Orthodox church.

Also speaking to Skai, Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris denied that the event had anything to do with paganistic worship.

“We do not hold ceremonies for Apollo,” said the MP. “The event was of a historical nature.”