Golden Dawn’s second-in-command faces magistrate

Christos Pappas, Golden Dawn’s second-in-command according to prosecutors, was on Thursday facing a magistrate to respond to charges of belonging to a criminal organization.

“Golden Dawn party will take part in the next election, whenever that takes place,” Pappas said ahead of his testimony at Building 6 of the Evelpidon court complex in Athens.

The far right deputy was greeted by a group of sympathizers who shouted slogans of support for the ultranationalist party.

His leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, was jailed early Thursday pending trial on charges of running a criminal organization in an investigation triggered by the killing of 34-year-old rapper Pavlos Fyssas last month.

Michaloliakos, who is a sitting member of Parliament, was ordered remanded in custody in the early hours of Thursday morning, after overnight testimony that lasted for more than six hours.