Retired officer held as key witness in Golden Dawn murder probe

Police on Friday were questioning a retired police officer who is alleged to have spoken to Giorgos Roupakias, the 45-year-old Golden Dawn supporter who confessed to killing the leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas last month, shortly before the fatal stabbing.

According to telephone calls wiretapped by the police, the retired officer had been in the area of Nikaia on the night of September 17 and had telephoned Roupakias at 11.31 p.m. At 11.34 p.m., the former officer received several calls from Roupakias and from the head of Golden Dawn’s Nikaia cell Giorgos Patelis.

On Friday morning, the wife and mother-in-law of Roupakias were to testify before an investigating magistrate as witnesses.

Meanwhile a Supreme Court prosecutor has sent a request to Parliament for the immunity of detained Golden Dawn MPs to be lifted so that they can face trial for a series of misdemeanors and crimes. Membership of a criminal organization is a felony — a flagrant serious crime — for which MPs can be prosecuted without Parliament having to lift their immunity.