Former Golden Dawn member arrested after admitting to participating in migrant attacks [UPDATE]

A former member of Golden Dawn, identified as Panayiotis Manavis, has been arrested by members of the counter-terrorist squad in the area of Nemea, in the Peloponnese, local reports said on Tuesday.

In an interview published in Ta Nea daily, Manavis had spoken of participating in an organized, pre-election attack targeting illegal immigrants in Corinth in 2012.

Corinthia Golden Dawn deputy Stathis Boukouras on Monday named Manavis as the secret witness who informed magistrates about illegal activities by Golden Dawn members in the area, calling his allegations false.

Manavis refuted Boukouras’ claims though he allegedly admitted to dining at tavernas with Boukouras using the proceeds of 20-euro party membership fees.

Manavis added that he had argued with Boukouras ahead of general elections in the spring of 2012 because he had grown tired of the latter’s arrogance and military-style commands. Manavis said he grew “disgusted” after original talk of nationalism changed to national socialism and then to talk of a superior race. When he decided to leave the party, however, he claims to have been told that MP Yiannis Lagos would come and “smash his face in.”