Cypriot paper aims to forge bicommunal ties

NICOSIA (Reuters) – Cyprus got its first bicommunal business newspaper yesterday in a bid to build trade links across a ceasefire line recently opened after almost three decades. The Cyprus Business Forum’s publishers said it will be issued once a month and distributed free of charge on both sides of the line. «We are creating a forum where Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots can get to know each other and discuss practical trade issues,» said a spokesperson for the Financial Mirror, a weekly English-language newspaper issued in the south. The venture has backing from the Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot chambers of commerce and industry. Virtually non-existent business links are slowly picking up after Turkish-Cypriot authorities eased restrictions on movement in April. Until July 1, 780,000 people of a population of under 1 million had paid visits to the other side.