Suspect alleged to have called GD hit squads on night of Fyssas murder seeks release

Yiannis Angos, the Golden Dawn supporter alleged to have alerted the party’s hit squads on the night of the fatal stabbing of leftist hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas last month asked a magistrate on Friday to change the decision to remand him in custody pending trial to a conditional release.

Angos is alleged to have been in a cafe near Keratsini on the night of September 17 when Fyssas and his friends got into an argument with some patrons expressing far-right views. After the dispute escalated, Angos is alleged to have telephoned representatives of GD’s hit squads to visit the scene.

Angos’ lawyer said his client insists he made no calls to GD cells that night and refutes the charges of membership of a criminal organization being brought against him.