Anonymous calls supporters ‘to arms’ to punish Golden Dawn

The international activist hacker group Anonymous has called for action against the ultra-right Golden Dawn in the wake of the murder of leftist hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas by a self-professed supporter of the group last month.

In a video posted on the Internet, which features a montage with extracts from speeches by Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos and spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, the activists call their supporters «to arms» on October 26, saying that assaults by party members on immigrants, leftists and others must be stopped.

“Your actions will have repercussions,» the video said in a message to Golden Dawn. «It is time to pay for your crimes,» the message without elaborating on what action it wanted supporters to take.

The video accused the party of «investing in people’s desperation» brought about by Greece’s economic crisis and said Golden Dawn MPs «masqueraded their criminal organization as an anti-establishment political party.”