SYRIZA in Samaras’s sights over ‘violence’

Without naming SYRIZA, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras launched an attack Friday on opposition parties that fail to categorically denounce violent actions and those who believe that there is “good and bad” violence.

Speaking at a meeting of New Democracy’s political committee, Samaras commented on the latest developments in the investigation into Golden Dawn after the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas in Perama but then turned his attention to the other side of the political spectrum. “There was criminal violence not only in Perama but also in the arson attack on Marfin [Bank in 2010, killing three] and it is everybody’s responsibility to condemn every form of violence,” he said.

Samaras then referred to the arson attack on Skouries gold mine earlier this year. “It is unacceptable to believe that there is supposedly good and bad violence, that illegal activity and criminal behavior in Skouries, for example, are supposedly good, praiseworthy and moral because they are supposed to be part of a popular struggle.”

SYRIZA responded by calling Samaras the “high priest of political division and the theory of the two extremes.”

“The theory that draws parallels between SYRIZA and Golden Dawn damages the country and democracy,” said SYRIZA MP Dimitris Papadimoulis.