More than 50 personalities call for new center left alliance in Greece

A group of more than 50 personalities from various walks of life has signed a declaration favoring the creation of a new center left grouping in Greek politics.

Over the last few weeks, members of the Greek center left have been working on a document that will form the basis of a new alliance among the country’s social democrats. The movement is modelling itself on the lines of the Olive Tree alliance in Italy.

The declaration calls for the formation of a new vehicle for the center left but does not demand the dismantling of PASOK or Democratic Left. Instead, it calls on the two parties to join forces with the new movement.

The declaration is signed by 58 personalities, which include professors Nikos Alivizatos and George Pagoulatos, former minister Nikos Christodoulakos and Stavros Benos, entrepreneur Aristos Doxiadis, musician Nikos Portokaloglou and author Petros Markaros.