SDOE lists major cases of fraud, tax evasion

The Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) has issued the results of almost 6,000 checks it carried out for fraud and tax evasion.

Among those snared by SDOE are: three lawyers in Athens who failed to issue invoices worth about 3 million euros, a restaurant in Athens that failed to issue 1.2 million euros in receipts, a plastic surgeon who did not declare income of 2.3 million euros and a popular singer who did not record income of about 2.7 million euros.

Furthermore, SDOE detected 25 companies that issued 59.1 million euros worth of bogus invoices that led to the state losing 13.6 million euros in value-added tax.

Another 35 companies received bogus invoices worth 40.3 million euros, costing the state 10 million euros in lost VAT takings.