Police identify missing Revolutionary Struggle suspect in bank heist

Police have identified Nikos Maziotis, currently sought by authorities for his involvement in the Revolutionary Struggle terrorist group, as one of the two suspects in the armed robbery at the National Bank branch of Methana on the Peloponnese in July.

The robbers made off with more than 108,000 euros and 2,000 Australian dollars. Police on Monday released stills from the bank’s CCTV cameras, some allegedly showing Maziotis during the robbery.

Maziotis and Panayiota (Paula) Roupa, both leading members of the Revolutionary Struggle, were reported missing in July 2012 after serving 18 months in pretrial custody.

The pair had been released from prison on strict conditions, including a ban on leaving the prefecture of Attica, after serving 18 months in pre-trial custody.