Seamen plan 24-hour walkout for November 6

The national seamen’s union (PNO) is planning a 24-hour walkout on November 6, the day that the country’s main labor union is expected to hold a one-day strike, Skai understands.

The strike would disrupt all passenger and cargo ferry schedules.

Members of the PNO’s executive committee were meeting on Tuesday to finalize a decision on the anticipated walkout and possible further action to protest an ongoing austerity drive by the government.

In a a statement, the union representing marine engineers (PEMEN) called on «seamen, workers, pensioners and unions to join the struggle for a more defiant response to the policies of the government, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund which are harming the Greek people.”

GSEE’s executive committee last week proposed a 24-hour strike for November 6, a proposal that must be approved. A final decision is expected on Wednesday.