Trial of GD candidate Skordeli postponed

The trial of Themis Skordeli, a parliamentary candidate with the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, was on Thursday postponed for June 2014.

Skordeli is facing charges of forgery, illegal possession of smoke bombs and breaking the intellectual property rights law. She was arrested early October after police found 18 smoke bombs, bank statements denoting large deposits, two bags containing knock-off CDs and DVDs and notes listing the addresses and names of migrants.

“Leave Golden Dawn alone,” she told journalists outside the court Thursday while suggesting that the ongoing clampdown on the neo-Nazi party was only increasing its popularity among Greek voters.

Skordeli gained prominence when she purported to head a group of irate residents of the Aghios Panteleimonas district in central Athens. She has been accused of being involved in a racist attack on Afghan immigrants but her trial has been postponed eight times.

She was also among a group of Golden Dawn members that recently took left-wing intellectual Savvas Michail to court, accusing him of inciting violence. The case was thrown out.