‘Mother’ of Lesvos child comes forward after negative DNA test on young couple

A woman has come forward claiming to be the natural mother of a Roma infant aged two-and-a-half months which was removed from a Roma camp on the Aegean island of Lesvos earlier this week, reports said on Friday.

A DNA test on the young Roma couple who had originally claimed to be the child’s parents, before claiming to have adopted the infant from a relative, came out negative.

The 21-year-old Roma man, his girlfriend, aged 19, and his mother, 51, face charges of abducting a minor, according to police on Lesvos. Police said an employee of the local social services alerted them after the trio tried to register the child as theirs.

Meanwhile, Greek police are awaiting the results of a DNA test of a Roma Bulgarian woman who is thought to be the biological mother of Maria, the young girl removed from a Roma camp in central Greece last week, after DNA tests showed she was not related to the couple professing to be her parents.