Kammenos riles Socialists with claims PASOK is ‘criminal organization’

PASOK on Tuesday labeled Panos Kammenos and his anti-bailout Independent Greeks “would-be allies of the far right” after the outspoken politician claimed that the Socialist party was a “criminal organization,” which is the same accusation that has been leveled against Golden Dawn and members of its leadership who have been in custody since last month.

PASOK said it was the victim of a “sustained attack” after Kammenos made his claim during a late-night television show on Monday.

The Independent Greeks leader suggested that PASOK should be considered a criminal organization because a number of its members have been linked to corruption scandals, but only former Defense Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos has been tried and convicted so far.

“Why were they covering for them?” said Kammenos.

“What PASOK has offered to society is well known and does not need to be proved through certification,” responded the Socialist party, which also attacked SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras, who have pursued closer relations with the Independent Greeks in recent months.

Perhaps more worrying for Kammenos, though, is the reaction of members of his own party, who felt he had gone over the top with his criticism of PASOK.

“I do not agree with the term ‘criminal organization’ to describe PASOK,” said Independent Greeks spokesman Terence Quick. “It is really exaggerated.”