SYRIZA must do more to convince voters, admits leftist MP

A day after SYRIZA MP Manolis Glezos took aim at the opposition party for its perceived failure to inspire voters’ confidence that it can meet its pledges, fellow deputy Dimitris Papadimoulis on Thursday admitted that the leftists must do more.

“We do not claim that we are perfect,” Papadimoulis told Vima radio on Thursday adding that hammering out a more precise, better substantiated program is a key priority for the party.

“We must do more to convince more and more people,” said Papadimoulis adding that he fully respects Glezos, a WWII resistance fighter that appears to have grown disillusioned with the party.

Speaking on the same radio station on Wednesday, Glezos said SYRIZA, which is neck-and-neck with conservative New Democracy in most opinion polls, had failed to come up with a solid explanation of how it aims to finance its pledges.

“People ask me where the money will come from, but I am afraid that our answer is not convincing,” he said.

During the interview Thursday, Papadimoulis repeated his party’s support for a simple proportional electoral system.

“Should such a proposal be submitted, we will vote for it,” he said.

Democratic Left, a former coalition partner, has said it will propose legislation to end the 50-seat bonus parliamentary seats that go to the top vote-getter.