SYRIZA enjoys strong lead over ND in Attica, poll shows

An opinion poll published Thursday shows leftist opposition SYRIZA leading the ruling conservatives by a comfortable margin in the greater Athens area.

The GPO poll for Newpost puts SYRIZA on 24.6 percent in Attica, followed by New Democracy on 16.9 percent. The neofascist Golden Dawn is on third place with 11.1 percent while the Communist Party (KKE) gets 4.9 percent. The survey puts the right-wing, anti-bailout Independent Greeks party on 4 percent.

The GPO poll is bad news for the country’s center-left, putting coalition partner PASOK on 3 percent. Democratic Left (DIMAR), a former member of the coalition government, gets 3.1 percent while just over 13 percent of voters are undecided, according to the survey.