Who benefits

The measures to be taken by the ministry include the following terms for owners of illegally built homes: – Settlement of fines in 36 monthly installments or with a discount of 40 percent if paid in full, for permanent or holiday homes. – Settlement in 48 installments or with a 50 percent discount for full payment of fines on buildings used as a main home (up to 120 square meters) and for special groups such as repatriated Greeks, people with disabilities, and for large families. – Legalization of 150,000-200,000 private homes on finalization of town plans; power will automatically be provided. Priority given to large and low-income families. – Fines for maintaining illegally built homes are to be restricted in the future. – Faster issuing of new town plans for final inclusion. – Municipalities have co-responsibility for the construction of illegal buildings and will pay 30 percent of the fine.