Another aftershock hits Cephalonia, as data is collected on where residents are staying

An earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale hit the island of Cephalonia at 5.18 p.m. on Friday, the Athens Geodynamics Institute reported. The tremor’s epicenter was located 7 kilometers northwest of Argostoli.

The Ionian island has been rocked by dozens of aftershocks following a 5.8 Richter quake on January 26.

According to information gathered via the 1135 hotline, which was set up to assist residents affected by the quake, 87.2 percent are currently residing at home, 7.9 percent are staying with friends and relatives, 2.6 percent are sleeping in cars, 1.8 percent in tents and 0.5 percent on boats, while 66.6 percent fear another strong tremor.