Health minister, PASOK clash over 5-euro hospital fee

Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis on Monday fought off criticism from opposition parties, but also from junior coalition partner PASOK, over a 5-euro fee that patients will be charged for admission to polyclinics in the country’s new Primary National Healthcare Network (PEDY).

Legislation introducing the fee for admission to state hospitals was drawn up and voted through Parliament in 2011, under the government of former Socialist Premier George Papandreou, Georgiadis claimed in televised comments. “It wasn’t me that legislated any 5-euro fee,” he said. “It was pure green PASOK, a pure PASOK government,” he said, referring to the color of the Socialist party’s logo.

The minister’s reaction followed a statement by PASOK describing the imposition of a 5-euro fee for polyclinic admission as “sudden and rash” and “confusing” for citizens.