Contributor to N17 hit man’s book denies SYRIZA membership

The man who wrote the foreword to the autobiography of November 17 hit man Dimitris Koufodinas on Thursday denied that he was a member of SYRIZA. Nikos Yiannopoulos told Alpha Radio that he had been a member of a leftist faction called Rosa but that it never joined SYRIZA.

Yiannopoulos also said that he disagreed with the terrorist organization’s use of violence. However, he said that he felt some regret about what happened to Koufodinas.

“I am not speaking as his representative but I showed solidarity toward him,” said Yiannopoulos. “I consider him a comrade who is wrong.”

After the publication of Koufodinas’s book, “Born November 17,” earlier this week, New Democracy alleged that Yiannopoulos was a SYRIZA member, which the leftist party vehemently denied.