Thessaloniki metro may open in sections

Attiko Metro, the company responsible for the Athens metro and for supervising the ongoing and long-overdue construction of the metro in the northern port city of Thessaloniki is exploring the possibility of opening the system in parts as they are completed rather than unveiling the whole project at once.

The idea put at a meeting between the management of Attiko Metro SA and officials from the Infrastructure Ministry on Thursday is to open the eastern section of the Thessaloniki metro between the Syntrivani and Nea Elvetia stops. The stops between the New Railway Station and the Church of Aghia Sofia would then be delivered once they have been completed. Constructors say that this would make it easier to speed up the extension to Kalamaria, comprising four stops, which could then be connected to the main part of the line before the western section is completed.

The company is also considering abolishing the “Voulgari” station, whose construction has been held up by delays in the land appropriation process.