Turkish ship that ran aground off Myconos said to contain 200 tons of fuel

Environmental inspectors with the Greek Coast Guard have been dispatched to the Cycladic island of Myconos to inspect a Turkish-flagged vessel that ran aground on Saturday and which is said to contain 200 tons of fuel.

The Yusuf Cepnioglu, which was running a route from Izmir to Tunisia, was abandoned by its crew after it ran into rocks off the coast of Myconos and began taking on water. All 14 members of the crew were reported to be safe and in good health.

Greek authorities have contacted the Turkish shippers and ascertained that the vessel was carrying 200 tons of fuel.

The container ship remains pinned to the rocks, coast guard authorities told the state-run Athens-Macedonia News Agency on Monday, adding that there are concerns that strong winds and waves may cause some of its cargo to come loose and cause a spill near one of Greece’s most popular island destinations.

A joint operation to tow the container to safety and ensure that there is no leakage is currently under way.