Deputy minister accuses troika of ‘serving particular interests’ in private sector

Deputy Transport Minister Michalis Papadopoulos accused the troika on Tuesday of adapting its demands of the Greek government to suit the needs of private groups with which it comes into contact.

“The troika has certain obsessions that are groundless and are part of the way of thinking created by its technical teams,” he told Athens 984 radio station. “They are like a corner shop, where everyone who passes leaves something and then the troika picks up on it and says: “Ah, yes! You have to do this as well”.”

When asked whether he though that the troika was looking after specific private interests, Papadopoulos launched another rebuke of Greece’s lenders.

“There are institutional bodies, Greek and foreign, who pass by the troika and say: “Do this as well”,” said the deputy minister. “The troika has adopted a way of thinking that involves them serving particular interests.”