EU Task Force chief Horst Reichenbach visits Macedonia highway tunnel

Drivers will have to pay 50 cents more to go through the Vale of Tempe and Platamonas toll stations on the national highway linking Thessaly to Macedonia, but the trip will take half an hour less once the tunnels at these points are completed in August 2015.

The Platamonas construction site was visited yesterday by Horst Reichenbach, head of the European Commission’s Task Force for Greece, and Infrastructure Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis, who were briefed on the progress of the project. “This proves that if you persevere you can achieve your goals,” Reichenbach said.

Aegean Motorway, the company carrying out the project, told the officials it is 76 percent complete. It added that the project currently involves the participation of 100 local companies and that in the next few months it will employ around 1,500 people.