Greek gov’t trying to ‘fool’ voters with bid to return to markets, says SYRIZA

SYRIZA has accused the government of trying to “fool” voters ahead of May’s local and European Parliament elections by aiming to make a return to the markets.

The government has indicated it wants to start issuing sovereign bonds against this year, although this idea has met with the troika’s skepticism.

SYRIZA’s parliamentary spokesman Dimitris Papadimoulis claimed that the government’s bid to return to the markets was simply a ruse to win votes before the elections.

“Without a bold, effective and just restructuring of Greek debt, which means a haircut, a return to growth and a sustainable return to the markets is not possible,” he told Real FM.

“We don’t want to the Greek people to be fooled again.”

Papadimoulis also slammed Prime Minister Antonis Samaras for not inviting SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras to hold talks about Greece’s debt.