SYRIZA leading in new opinion poll

A new opinion poll on voting intentions for European Parliament elections shows leftist opposition SYRIZA ahead of conservative New Democracy by 2 percent.

Conducted by Pulse for the weekly To Pontiki newspaper, the survey will be published on Friday.

The poll shows SYRIZA taking the lead with 19 percent, followed by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s conservative party which stands at 17 percent. Ultranationalist Golden Dawn and To Potami (The River), a center-left initiative set up by the television journalist Stavros Theodorakis, are both at third place with 10 percent.

PASOK’s grouping with other center-left parties, known as the Olive Tree alliance, score 6.5 percent, ahead of the Communist Party (KKE) on 5. Independent Greeks garner 3.5 percent and Democratic Left (DIMAR) 2.