Poll shows SYRIZA leading ND by 2.5 pct ahead of Sunday’s European vote

A new opinion poll on voting intentions for European Parliament elections shows leftist opposition SYRIZA ahead of conservative New Democracy by 2.5 percent.

The Pulse poll for the weekly To Pontiki newspaper put SYRIZA on 25 percent and New Democracy on 22.5 percent. Golden Dawn came in third on 8.5 percent, followed by To Potami and the Olive Tree (Elia) alliance, both on 7 percent.

The Pulse survey shows the Communist Party (KKE) on 6 percent, Independent Greeks on 4 percent, and Democratic Left (DIMAR) on 2.5 percent.

Six percent of voters said they were undecided, while 3.5 percent said they would cast a blank ballot.

European Parliament elections are held on Sunday on the same day as the second round of the country’s municipal and regional vote.