Northern, eastern Greece brace for storms on Wednesday

Civil protection authorities in northern and eastern parts of the country on Tuesday issued a series of directives to residents and visitors of a precautionary nature following forecasts of strong showers and storms on Wednesday.

Storms are expected to spread in the early hours of Wednesday from Thessaly to the eastern mainland, Evia, Central Macedonia (and especially popular destination Halkidiki), Eastern Macedonia, Thrace and the islands of the Eastern Aegean.

Residents and visitors in these areas, and in Central Macedonia in particular, are advised to take the following measures: clearing all drains on the exterior of properties to avoid flooding; securing objects that may be swept away by strong winds, such as sign posts or sun umbrellas; paying attention to alerts from authorities such as traffic police regarding areas to avoid; abstaining from driving in adverse conditions; abstaining from beach activities and swimming during storms, especially when they are accompanied by lightning; avoiding crossing irrigation channels or creek beds during downpours and for several hours afterwards; and taking precautions during storms while driving such as pulling over to the side of the road and engaging hazard lights until the weather has cleared.