Athenians to get option of 3- and 6-month travelcards

A new set of travelcards, covering three- and six-month periods, are due to be made available to commuters in Athens.

Until now only weekly, monthly and annual travelcards had been on offer.

Deputy Transport Minister Michalis Papadopoulos signed a decision on Wednesday that will see the new cards, which will cost between 58 and 248 euros, come into use.

Three-month tickets for use on buses, trolley buses and trams will cost 58 euros.

Six-month travelcards will be 110 euros.

Currently, monthly travelcards for these modes of public transport cost 20 euros, while annual ones reach 200.

Three-month travelcards for use on the entire public transport network (including electric railway and metro) will cost 129 euros.

The six-month ones will be 248 euros.

At the moment monthly tickets for use on the whole network cost 45 euros.

The annual card is 450 euros.