Man, 23, sentenced to 10 years after stabbing teen outside Athens school

A court in Athens on Wednesday sentenced a 23-year-old man, Giorgos Apostolopoulos, to 10 years in jail for stabbing a 17-year-old pupil outside a school in Palaio Faliro, southern Athens.

The court rejected the assailant’s claim that he had been acting in self-defense. It also refused to allow him to be released while he appeals his sentence for attempted murder with possible malice aforethought.

Apostolopoulos is a supporter of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn and was in a relationship with his victim’s classmate. He is believed to have attacked his victim due to a political disagreement.

The teenage victim suffered serious injuries but later recovered. Apostolopoulos’s girlfriend may now face charges as phone records showed that the pair discussed the attack after it happened.