Ministry seeks replacement for top tax official as reshuffle looms

As speculation continued about the reasons for the abrupt resignation on Thursday of the Finance Ministry’s general secretary for public revenues, Haris Theoharis, the ministry on Friday announced that a tender for his successor has been posted on the government’s online portal

The deadline for applications for the post is June 15, the ministry said in a statement as the government finalizes a cabinet reshuffle, widely expected to be announced on Monday.

Theoharis’ departure ended a job that was created in 2012 under pressure from Greece’s troika of international creditors with a view to making the country’s tax administration more independent. His term had been scheduled to expire in 2018.

Although the official given for Theoharis’ departure was “personal reasons,” it was clear that he had irked some government officials with his methods and that he was pressed to step down. Among the decisions believed to have annoyed government officials was his recent attempt to tax Greek bondholders retroactively, a move that prompted a quick about-turn by the ministry.