Ex-PASOK MP Economou quits Democratic Left

Democratic Left (DIMAR) suggested on Friday that the departure of its MP Vassilis Economou had been a long time coming.

“This closes a long period of troubled relations and clear divergences, which came exclusively as a result of [Economou’s] personal decisions,” said DIMAR after the former PASOK lawmaker announced he was quitting to become an independent.

Economou said he left DIMAR due to its “reluctance to work with our center-left forces.”

The party’s disastrous showing in the European Parliament elections, in which it received just 1.2 percent of the vote, has prompted a debate about whether DIMAR should seek to cooperate with PASOK or look to an alliance with SYRIZA.

Economou said that he had no intention of joining the coalition but indicated that he might support it on some issues in Parliament.