Albanian arrested in heroin smuggling case

An Albanian national became the 12th person to be arrested over a ton of heroin seized in Attica last Thursday after surrendering to authorities over the weekend.

The other suspects, six Greeks and five Turks, are set to give their depositions on Tuesday and Wednesday. All face charges of drug smuggling, forming a criminal organization and breaking firearms laws.

The drugs were discovered in a residence in Filothei, northern Athens, and a warehouse in Koropi, eastern Attica.

Sources have told Kathimerini that the heroin came from Iran and was destined for Belgium and Germany. The drug’s street value was being estimated at around 30 million euros.

According to the case file, the drug was set to be transferred in containers marked as carrying long grain rice.

The Albanian had allegedly been the recipient of a text message at the time of the police and Greek coast guard operation carried out in Filothei and had initially managed to evade arrest.

Police believe the smuggling ring was based in Istanbul.