At least 112 immigrants detained in the Aegean

At least 112 immigrants were detained Thursday for trying to enter Greece illegally.

A group of 32 immigrants were rescued early Thursday off the northeastern coast of Lesvos, in the eastern Aegean, after their small boat started to take in water. Coast guard officials detected and picked up 28 more undocumented immigrants off the southeastern coast of the island.

All immigrants were transferred to Lesvos.

In a related development, coast guard authorities stopped a boat carrying 52 unregistered immigrants off the southeastern Aegean island of Rhodes. Officials also arrested two Turkish nationals for people smuggling.

There was no report on the nationality of the detained immigrants.

Greece is a major transit point for illegal immigration into the European Union, with many making the journey to Greek islands from the nearby Turkish coast in small boats that are often overloaded and unseaworthy.