Two policeman among five arrested on child pornography charges

Two police officers are among five men arrested in Athens on Thursday for watching videos of children being sexually abused that were being streamed live from the Philippines, the state-run Athens-Macedonia News Agency reported on Friday.

The suspects gained access to the website by paying a fee via PayPal, which is how electronic crimes officers managed to track them down after being alerted by Interpol that the website, which had been placed under surveillance, was getting hits in Greece.

The two unnamed officers have been suspended from duty and face an internal disciplinary inquiry.

The other three suspects will face a prosecutor.

There is a sixth suspect on the police’s list, though is appears that he was accessing the website via a company IP address. He is being sought by authorities.

In January, an international crackdown on the phenomenon of on-demand live streaming of children being sexually abused and dubbed Operation Endeavor resulted in the arrests of more than two dozen people from 12 different countries for live online child abuse. Eleven of them were part of a Philippines-based facilitation group.