Ticket inspectors face charges over phony fines

Two inspectors working for the Attica transit operator OSY and two print shop owners have been indicted on felony charges by an Athens prosecutor after being arrested for issuing false fines to commuters caught without a valid ticket and pocketing the money themselves.

The two inspectors were identified at OSY’s headquarters in Rendi, southwest of Athens, by a 25-year-old commuter who had paid a fine on a bus to the two suspects but forgot to retrieve her identity card after they issued her with the receipt.

She later saw the two men when she went to the main offices to ask for her ID to be returned and an employee ascertained that the fine was bogus.

The other two suspects were arrested for printing the booklets of chits and an official-looking stamp to verify them with.

The two inspectors are believed to have scammed between 50,000-90,000 euros from OSY.