Second Xeros brother in turnaround

Christodoulos Xeros, a 45-year-old maker of musical organs, yesterday denied any involvement in the November 17 terrorist gang and claimed the confessions he had made last summer were the results of threats made by anti-terrorism squad officers and the effects of a mysterious «orange juice.» The third suspect to testify, Xeros took the opportunity to insult the court and lawyers representing civil plaintiffs. The court trying 19 suspected N17 members ruled that Xeros’s confessions were admissible, despite his objections. He read out a 40-page statement in which he claimed he was tortured and threatened, that he signed a confession without knowing what it said. «’We know everything,’ they’d say. ‘If you want to help your brother you must cooperate otherwise you’ll get him in a box with flowers, you won’t see the light of day again. You’re on the 12th floor, you can jump if you like… We’ve already tied up the younger ones and we’ll send you all in a package to Guantanamo,’» he claimed. His brother Savvas was arrested when he was injured by a bomb he was carrying. Christodoulos Xeros claimed the court had acted rudely to defense witnesses and had already made up its mind. When prosecutor Christos Lambrou tried to interject, he shouted, «Don’t butt in like a f…rt.» He called a lawyer representing American victims «a janissary,» a pejorative term for a Greek who helps the enemy. Regarding the Postal Service, which wants money returned following a robbery, Xeros said, «You’ll get my b…s to use as a tobacco pouch.» Christodoulos Xeros’s had astounded police and judicial officials after his arrest last summer, with detailed confessions that helped lead to several arrests. His brothers Savvas and Vassilis (who is also on trial), had done the same but have since tried to retract their statements. Among his revelations were that Alexandros Yotopoulos was «Lambros,» the alleged leader, and that he himself had been recruited by Yiannis Serifis. Both men have denied the charges and Xeros did the same yesterday. He also said he was not a member of N17 and had just stolen five or six cars and two motorcycles with Savvas «for some anti-state group.»

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