ECHR rules in favor of 2 Cypriots

STRASBOURG (AFP) – The European Court of Human Rights yesterday condemned Turkey for denying two Greek Cypriots access to their property in the Turkish-controlled north of the island. Turkey was ordered to pay 8,480 euros ($9,500) in damages to Michael Tymvios, 55, and 2,875 euros to John Demades, 74, a court statement said. Tymvios had complained that he was denied access to 51 property lots in the village of Tymvou, which he acquired through his Nicosia-registered property development company in 1996. Demades had complained that the Turkish military had denied him access to his house in the Kyrenia district since 1974, and that the property had been taken over by members of the Turkish military. [In 1998, the European Court of Human Rights ordered Turkey to pay damages to a Greek-Cypriot woman, Titina Loizidou. Turkish officials said in June they would pay damages of 400,000 Cyprus pounds (680,000 euros) only if it was not considered a precedent and if 3,000 similar cases by other Greek-Cypriot refugees were withdrawn. The Cypriot government rejected this.]