Britons stranded at sea off Zakynthos towed to safety

Four British tourists who went missing late on Thursday off the coast of the Ionian island of Zakynthos were found safe and sound in the early hours of Friday.

The group of Britons had hired a boat on Thursday afternoon to tour the island but ran out of fuel shortly before nightfall and became stranded some five nautical miles off the island’s coast without means of communicating their predicament.

Two of the Britons attempted to swim to shore in order to get help for the other two who were left tending the boat.

Meanwhile, the owners of the vessel alerted the local coast guard when the tour group failed to return at the agreed time.

A coast guard patrol was dispatched to search for the boat, finding it drifting 8 nautical miles off the island’s Bay of Laganas in the early hours of Friday. The two Britons who had set off to swim to shore were located on an small islet near the coast.

All four Britons were reported to be safe and sound.