To Potami party preparing to finalize and share its ideas

To Potami, the centrist party led by journalist Stavros Theodorakis (photo), is to publish a 36-page booklet outlining its main positions as the group prepares to hold the first meeting of its so-called dialogue committee.

Some 200,000 copies of the booklet are to be published in the next few days. They will contain a foreword by Theodorakis as well as contributions from Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris and others who have expressed support for the party.

To Potami, which means The River, elected two MEPs in May’s European Parliament elections but is now looking to establish itself in national politics. Members of the dialogue committee were elected at the party’s founding congress earlier this summer and are due to meet on September 21. They will decide on the 21 proposals that To Potami will make for running the country. Should the party be a potential coalition partner after the next general elections, these proposals will form the basis of its discussions with other groups.